Kids Camp 2016 Soze x Yelena York

I loved doing a project for kids. Soze Gallery provided products from Blick such as markers, pencils, paints, etc.. we had food and drinks for everyone. Parents enjoyed themselves helping the kids to color some of Illustrations made by me on paper and everyone was allowed to take home with them everything they used and played with at the kids camp.   

we also had a free ice cream truck! amazing! ( us adults were more happy about it I think :) )


Hopefully by the end of the year I will have another kids camp for the little ones. Will keep it updated. 

Enjoy the VIdeo. 

WIP Video Part III

Final stages of adding gold patterns to the piece with paint ink and brush. 13 months of work has finally came to an end and I am fully satisfied with the results! 


13 months of work on this life size image with Copic pens, mostly using 0.03 tip. All freehand on a heavy weight hot press paper. Will be for a view in Fall 2017